Our Services

Tenant Selection

Careful tenant selection is the key to a successful rental. We identify potentially troublesome tenants during the initial application process by scrutinising personal details such as character references and financial particulars. We also thoroughly check each prospective tenant's rental history against State and National tenancy databases. Our Property Managers will contact you with details on a suitable applicant and the final decision is entirely yours.

Rent Collection

Our Property Managers understand that a consistent reliable rental income is essential. Therefore our policy is to minimise vacancy periods, periodically review rents to maximise income and promptly rectify any arrears. Our office is open 6 days a week for tenants to pay rent or we provide details for tenants to pay rent via the internet directly from their bank accounts.

Condition Reports

A detailed Condition Report supported by comprehensive photographs is provided at the commencement of each lease and must be agreed to and signed by the incoming tenant. The same report is used at the end of the tenancy to ensure the tenants leave the property in the same condition in which they found it (less minor wear & tear).

Routine Inspections

Regular inspections are vital to the on going peace-of-mind that the property is being well maintained. It is our policy to inspect each property every four months and a copy of our detailed report is sent to the owner. Any points of concern are quickly addressed and a follow-up inspection arranged if necessary. Forward maintenance recommendations are included giving you the time to plan and budget. This ensures your property is maintained in top condition, safeguarding your investment.


A minor repair left unfixed can soon become a major expense. Our routine inspections include any maintenance issues which we feel should be brought to your attention. If repairs are required we have a team of fully qualified maintenance contractors who will carry out the work promptly at an economical cost.


Yes, the dreaded paperwork. Property management has become a highly specialised field with vast legal implications. There are currently no less than 22 forms that are required to be administered at certain periods during a tenancy. Each form has procedures, which must be strictly adhered to. We attend to all paperwork required under the Residential Tenancies Act and provide you with an End of Financial Year Summary covering all income, expenditure, GST, etc. ready to be handed to your Accountant.

Landlord Insurance

Who will pay the rent if your tenant doesn’t???

Unfortunately no matter how good your tenants are, things can occasionally go wrong so you should consider protecting your investment property against tenant related problems. We can arrange insurance on your behalf to protect you from any unexpected problems.