Our Services

The "cheapest" Property Manager is not the one who charges the least! The "cheapest" Property Manager is the one who achieves the maximum rental income with the minimum unnecessary expense caused by rent arrears or damage to the property by tenants. Just one unpleasant tenant experience can cause enormous cost & heartache!

The "cheapest" Property Manager is also not the one who quotes you the lowest management fee. Real Estate Agents commonly charge many "hidden" fees for items such as:

  • Routine Inspections
  • Re-inspections when tenants vacate
  • Financial year reports
  • Reading of water meters
  • Additional 'levies' on maintenance costs
  • Refurbishment fees
  • Landlord insurance levy
  • Court/mediation fees
  • Archiving fees
  • reports

These 'hidden' fees can increase the quoted management fee of say 7.5% to an actual rate in excess of 14%. So be careful if you are 'price shopping' for a Property Manager that you are not tricked by an artificially low management fee.

Our fees may vary depending on the type of, and number of properties being managed for each Landlord, but we will never negotiate on our service which will always be consistently high.